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Sadia Ur-Rehman

Sadia Ur-RehmanLondon born of Pakistani parentage, Sadia Ur-Rehman’s  multi-media practice is an on-going investigation into notions of home, belonging and cultural identity in an increasingly ‘glocalised’ world. She incorporates dominant representations and stereotypes, seeking to confront and contest these prevailing depictions. Her practice has evolved to being multidisciplinary and participatory, Ur-Rehman has over the last 10 years proactively engaged individuals and groups from diverse backgrounds in a collaborative way, to extend and widen her exploration into language, dress and place.

Ur-Rehman is an experienced community and arts practitioner and visual artist based in London. She has been engaging local communities including; schools, youth groups, BME and refugee groups, resident associations, faith groups in collaborative cross-arts projects since 2004. She thrives on being involved in direct grassroots activity and has a considerable amount of experience working with a variety of different communities and groups across London. Ur-Rehman is particularly interested in people’s relationship to their neighbourhoods/local areas and her commitment to enabling them to express and explore issues of identity, place and aspiration through the visual arts.

As a tea obsessive and constant drinker, Ur-Rehman has recently been able to incorporate her love of a good brew through the project; Sadia’s Tea Party. Sadia’s Tea Party uses tea as a connector  to bring people together over the shared experience of a good cuppa and chat to discover, explore and learn new things. More info at

To find out more about Ur-Rehman’s work as an artist visit: