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Photo Gallery

A selection of photos from all of the activities and events to date that we have hosted and delivered during our time on Marks Gate.

Marks Gate Arts Festival

We hosted our final event on the estate on Tuesday 28th October and it was certainly a day to remember! The Marks Gate Arts Festival featured local creative Marks Gate talent joining forces with artist Sadia Ur-Rehman in a ‘Mad Hatter’ themed event.

The event was a tumble down the rabbit hole for a unique Mad Hatters Tea Party with a whole host of exciting and creative activities including; hat making, cupcake decoration, street dance, candle making and decorating, loom bands, street art and an exhibition of the ‘Framing Marks Gate’ photographs and films. Over 200 local residents attended the bonanza.

Photo credits: Connie Taylor

Framing Marks Gate

During our time on Marks Gate we came across and met some really interesting people with a remarkable set of stories, skills and creativity. This inspired us to launch a smaller project titled ‘Framing Marks Gate’ during the residency. ‘Framing Marks Gate’ tells the stories of these local residents that I have met through the medium of photography and film. Working with the photographer Connie Taylor we ‘framed’ local people with their stories or art. These photos were exhibited at our final event and showcased online. We also worked with two filmmakers to create a series of 6 two minute shorts of 6 very diverse Marks Gate residents using the format of film. Photo credits: Connie Taylor

Marks Gate Arts Day

On Tuesday 12th August we hosted the Marks Gate Arts Day at the Marks Gate Community Centre. It was a fantastic mix of art, creativity, dance, music, tea, and fun, with something for everybody!

Local Marks Gate creative talents joined forces with artist Sadia Ur-Rehman to deliver a one-off spectacular event. The event kicked off with a free ‘street dance’ workshop with Marks Gate very own choreographer and dance extraordinaire, Game outside the Community Centre. Causing a stir and raising people’s curiosity, we had some younger residents showing off their moves! The event also hosted the following creative workshops and activities; candle making and decorating, jeweller design, cupcake decorating, flower arranging and an extra special English Afternoon Tea Party with sweet treats and Marks Gate inspired parlour games.

Photo credits: Connie Taylor

Marks Gate Get Arty

On Thursday 29th May, in collaboration with the Haven we hosted pop-up art event ‘Marks Gate Get Arty’, this event was the third event that formed our series of Marks Gate Pop-ups in May. There were lots of different art and craft activities to try out, including jewellery making, candle decorating, loom band making, making a face!, designing a flag for the Mark’s Gate Bunting project, and after our ‘Vote Art’ activity at the Haven Tea Party we also made miniature model houses! Lots of creative fun! Photo credits: Connie Taylor

Marks Gate Tea Party 

On Tuesday 27th May we hosted a Marks Gate inspired pop-up tea party as part of the project ‘A Local Dialogue’. Guests explored their local area and it’s gems through a series of special games and activities. We also captured ‘Marks Gate Memories’ and explored what ‘Art Is…’. during the event.
Photo credits: Connie Taylor

The Haven Tea Party

To kick off our ‘Marks Gate Pop-Ups’ in May, we hosted a special tea party at the Haven on Thursday 15th May, as part of the project ‘A Local Dialogue’ on the Marks Gate estate in Barking & Dagenham’. Guests were able to have a cuppa tea and a slice of cake whilst designing and making their own ‘Marks Gate Paper Tea Cup’, or a flag for the ‘Marks Gate Bunting’ project. Other activities included Vote Art’ and contributing to the ‘Art is…..’ display.

Photo credits: Andrea Hayden

Exploring Marks Gate

At the beginning of our residency, we spent a day exploring the Marks Gate estate, here are some photos that capture that day: