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Marks Gate Day

Posted on Jun 23, 2014 by in Blog | 0 comments

On Saturday 14th June, it was a wonderful warm day at Marks Gate Junior School. They were hosting ‘Marks Gate Day’, an annual fun day event for the local community.

As an outsider, new to the Marks Gate community, I have never felt so at home nor so welcomed. The community of Marks Gate are friendly and hospitable. There was a sense of community spirit and excitement at the fayre. Adults and Children from a diverse range of backgrounds enjoyed a day of barbecues, face painting, henna, petting the farm animals, and bunting making.

As I was facilitating the bunting making activity I came across a number of creative young minds. Many young girls and boys created brilliantly colourful flags with stars, flower boarders, stripes and of their favourite cartoon characters. One young person that brings to mind displayed the makings of an artistic and creative genius. He declared that not only would he contribute to be making four flags for the project, as one was not enough to portray his creative mind, but also each flag would be different.

‘What do you think about this flag?’ He asked me.

‘It’s beautiful.’ I said.

This flag had beautiful trees and flowers drawn on one side and on the other side fire and mud.

‘Do you know what it means?’ He asks.

‘No.’ I reply.

‘This side represents peace and the other war.’ He said.

‘How interesting.’ I say.

And so I thought to myself he’ll become a great artist or a designer one day. It’s brilliant to see such creative young minds at work.

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