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Introducing Stavrolla Hoxha

Posted on Oct 21, 2014 by in Framing Marks Gate | 0 comments

As part of the Framing Marks Gate series we photographed and interviewed a series of local residents and key workers who have played an interesting role on Marks Gate.  Meet Stavrolla Hoxha, hairdresser, busy mum and fitness queen with her two lovely children Leonardo and Eliza.

What’s your name and age?

Stavrolla Hoxha, 37

Leonardo Hoxha, 5

Eliza Hoxha, 4

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

 Me and my husband moved onto the estate 8 years ago, since then I have had two children. I attended kids’ playgroup with them and accessed other activities for families at the Children’s Centre, this connected me to other mums and families in the area as well as the Marks Gate Community Centre. From there on I have been involved in lots of local events and groups within the community, I now plan to deliver a regular fitness class for the Marks Gate community.

Why are you on Marks Gate?

We live on Marks Gate, we moved to the area in 2006 after buying a property here.

How long have you known Marks Gate?

8 years

What are your experiences of Marks Gate?

 When I finally ventured out into the bigger Marks Gate world, I found that there is a lovely community spirit which I really enjoy.

 Tell us a special memory that you have of Marks Gate.

I really enjoy ‘Tea-Time Tuesdays’ with artist Sadia Ur-Rehman at the Marks Gate Community Centre. Me and my children are regulars!

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