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Introducing Kofi Agyemang

Posted on Oct 27, 2014 by in Framing Marks Gate | 0 comments

As part of the Framing Marks Gate series we photographed and interviewed a series of local residents and key workers who have played an interesting role on Marks Gate. Meet Kofi Agyemang aka Game. Game, Marks Gate resident  is a dancer and choreographer within the urban dance industry. Credits include ‘Streetdance 3D’, dancing with popstars Alexandra Burke and Lemar and a 3 year stint in the West End in Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller Live’. Game share’s his Marks Gate story with us.

What’s your name and age?

My name is Kofi Agyemang and I go by the name of ‘Game’ I am 30 years old.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a professional dancer/actor and choreographer.

Why are you on Marks Gate?

I am on Marks Gate because I run a weekly dance workshop which involves children from the local community. My children also go to Marks Gate Infants school.

How long have you known Marks Gate?

I came to Marks Gate in 1993, so have been around  the area for 21 years.

What are your experiences of Marks Gate?

Marks Gate has been a wonderful area, at times quiet and at other times it has been rough, but nowhere as bad in comparison to other estates, that I have been to or lived on.

Tell us a special memory that you have of Marks Gate.

One of my special memories that I have of Marks Gate is that when we we’re younger, we used to set up football matches between estates depending on where you lived.

I.e Reynolds court where I lived, would play Padnall Court or we would play teams from the shops.

We used to congregate over Marks Gate park (Tantony Green) and see who were the best team.

It really was an amazing experience.


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